Volunteers Dedicated to Free Genealogy! Aeschlimann, aged 34 years, a native of Merten, Canton Freiburg, Switzerland. A Japanese woman named Kiyoshi Agawa fell into the stream, or canal, above the old Koloa mill about 10 o'clock last Thursday morning and, being unable to swim, was drowned.

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Cremer died of the flu last Wednesday, March 10, Kalahwo Lihue, and was buried the same day, Rev. A physician was summoned soon after the accident and found that a blood vessel had been ruptured either by the fall or prior to and, in that case, causing it.

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He would have been 71 years old next month. The deceased leaves a widow and 14 children, seven sons and seven daughters, most of whom are grown up. A distressing accident occurred at Eleele last Friday.

Gandall embarked in the wholesale liquor business with which he has concerned himself to the present time. Two men are dead, and three more were wounded and treated at the Eleele hospital for bad injuries.

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This was the first day Ah Nee had had from duty in several months, the rush work at the plant requiring his attendance there every day, including Sundays. Cummings, a resident of Kapaa since childhood, died at Kealia last Saturday evening after a short illness, suffering from liver trouble. Captain Neilsen of the British Yeoman experienced more or less trouble with his anchors, but at no time did he lose his relative position seriously.

Please feel free to about each of the Principals below. Ah Lai was a well-known character of Koloa, having lived there many years. Gomez has been charged with murder, and the case will be taken up by the grand jury at its next session.

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Charles Blake of Lawai, attorney at law and until recently deputy tax assessor of Koloa district, was injured while crossing the bridge over Wailua river Sunday afternoon and died a short time later in the Lihue hospital. John Anakelea Jr. He came to Kauai about 15 years ago and was for many years in the employ of Mr.

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Anna Nordemeir, Mrs. The well-known Kslaheo restaurant keeper at Koloa, familiarly called Ah Lai, fell on the floor of his shop at about 8 o'clock Saturday morning and died at in the afternoon. The jury, in its verdict, completely exonerated the driver of the auto and declared that Delapena came to his death as a result of his own carelessness.

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When the body of Gody was recovered, it was found that he had a life belt around him, showing that it was his intention to make a fight for his life when engulfed in the smash. His was a case that created a good deal of interest and awakened much sympathy because of the wonderful fight that he made for life long after it was supposed that he had no chance.

He was a son of the well-known William G. Lydgate officiating by special request of the friends. By hanging on with their hands, sailors moved back and forth while the waves dashed madly over what was left of the wreck.

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Jane S. There she met and married Captain Thomas Gay. Waterhouse was called, who came with all possible speed and made every effort to resuscitate him but in vain. Fastening the other end about his neck, he jumped from the ading fence. The letter is scrawled in pencil upon two sheets torn from an ordinary office journal.

His parents and other relatives have the sympathy of the public. Fiddes of Kaimuki; Mrs.

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He was born in at Ipswich, Mass. Mah Fie used opium to excess and was a chronic gambler.

The Lihue band turned out and played the funeral march. Frances Ferreira, one of the oldest Portuguese women on Kauai and mother of Mrs. The mother was engaged in the work of baking bread and had the child with her.

Long term life Kalaheo

His employer missed him about two hours later, when a search was instituted, resulting in the finding of the dead body. To the left, looking seaward, was the Matson steamer Hyades. Especially was he an indispensable factor in all song contests, concerts, hoikes, etc. It is stated that he was not of sound mind.

Long term life Kalaheo