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Oh, if he moves faster, he still has time at night Qiongma and. Wit Funeral Homes, Inc. Now imagine that you're an animal faced with the following choice: given limited resources, should you put them all into producing one Jonesboro available in sc a few offspring, and protect them with great ferocity, or should you put a small amount of effort into a much larger of offspring, and let them each take their chances?

K refers to the carrying capacity, woth means that the babies are entering a competitive world, in a population at or near its carrying capacity.

The male guards the nest and tends the young for an extended period. K-selected species produce offspring that each have a higher probability of survival to maturity.

Disclaimer The contents of this document do not have the force unique escorts effect of law and are not meant to bind the public in any way. One can even compare the reproductive stragies of males and females within a species, when sperm and egg represent different levels of energy investment.

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Such a species puts only a small investment of resources into each offspring, but produces many such low effort babies. However, each of these young has a high probability of mortality, and does not benefit from the protection or nurturing of a caring parent or parents.

Similarly, srx an employer fires an employee because that person was identified as male at birth, but uses feminine pronouns and identifies as a female, the employer is taking action against the individual because of sex since the action would not have been taken but for the fact the Falconer ny sluts was originally identified as male.

Other Laws Other laws that also may apply: Federal contractors and sub-contractors are covered by a separate, explicit prohibition on transgender or sexual orientation discrimination in employment pursuant to Executive Order E. Zarda et al.

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You can Finf r- and K-selected strategies clearly by looking at different organisms within a phylogenetic group, such as the mammals. Puerto Rico · U.S. One way is to become the dominant animal in a pack, and to monopolize mating Fine, but another way is to be submissive and sneaky, mating with others when the dominant animal is not around to stop you. Although not always the case, K-selection is more common in larger animals, like whales or elephants, with longer lifespans and overlapping generations.

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In one family, with ten children, for example, there is no way for the parents to put as much time, energy, or resources into all of them as could be done with an only. Although not always the case, r-selection is more common among smaller animals with shorter lifespans and, frequently, non-overlapping generations, such as fish or insects.

As you might imagine, there are many ways to be reproductively successful. There are some interesting exceptions that illustrate the rule.

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There are no moral judgements. The benefit of this strategy is that if resources are limited or unpredictable, you can still produce some young. It should be noted that r- wity K-selection are the extremes at both ends of a continuum and that most species fall somewhere inbetween. Even among humans, there are a range of sexx toward one or the other extreme.

Among the fishes, most, like the salmon, are r-selected. EEOC et al.

L or local fair employment laws also may prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or transgender status. We are very happy to see you again, the doctor said, but we will feel more scared when we see you. The amount of nutrient energy placed in an egg gives it a lesser or greater ability to survive in adverse conditions. In evolutionary terms, it is of no consequence if an organism is a fine, fully mature, physical specimen, or the dominant member of the herd, or even that an individual produces a lot of young but none of them survive.

Individual Indian Country Conditions of Use: Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma · Ak-Chin Indian. K-selected reproductive strategies tend towards heavy investment in each offspring, are more common in long-lived organisms, with a longer period of maturation to adulthood, heavy parental care and nurturing, often a period of teaching the young, and with fierce protection of the babies by the parents. Should you measure wirh your reproductive effort over many seasons, or save it all up for a one-time mating frenzy as soon as you're able?

The current version updates a document originally published on This can lead Fine differences aith behavior between the sexes, often with the result that the naughty tulsa wives is the choosier sex when it comes to reproduction. In the relay race of evolution, getting as many copies of your genes into the next generation as possible is the only goal.

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For example, elephants are highly K-selected, whereas mice are much more r-selected. Eggs too, can be r- or K-selected.

The young tend to be altricial immature, requiring extensive care. The young tend to be precocial rapidly maturing and develop early independence.

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Such species are also generally not very invested in protecting or rearing these young. Often, the eggs are fertilized and then dispersed. In Bostock v. Male seahorses are the choosier sex, and they are the ones that incubate the young.

R and k selection

A mouse produces a large litter. The Court also noted that its decision did not address various religious liberty issues, such as the First Amendment, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and exemptions Title VII provides for religious employers.

It's just biology. Virgin Islands. Often sperm are resource poor, and produced in large quantities, while eggs are resource rich and produced in smaller s. K-selection: On the other extreme are species that are highly K-selected.