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Friends, this post today is about healthy today we will go into this post 10 good habits to stay healthy (10 Healthy Habits Health Tips in Hindi) by adding these 10 habits in your life or you can say these ten habits We can live a healthy life by doing it in my life, friends, today I will tell about some 10 simple habits that you can keep healthy and happy by connecting with your routine, so let’s see what are those 10 healthy tips that can help you stay healthy (Health Tips in Hindi, if you try to do these ten habits in your daily life, then you will see that because of these 10 habits you will be healthy and you will find yourself more excited and confident than ever before.) Hours Television 1 Hour Exercise

2 Liters Water

3 Cups Warm Green Tea

4 Small Mental Rest

5 Time Less Amount Eating

6 AM Morning Awakening

7 Minutes Laugh

8 Hours Sleep

9 PM End of Day, Sleep

10 Pray for Gratitude

10 Good Health Let’s understand in detail 10 Healthy Habits Health Tips in Hindi Now we understand 10 habits one by one (10 He Althy Habits in Hindi Health Tips in Hindi 0 Hours 0f Television The first health tips is that 0 hours of television, friends we should not watch TV or you say that we need TV at all Must watch Cookie Watching TV too much wastes our time and it has a bad effect on sitting in front of the TV and eyes and healthy. Some people also lose their mental balance by watching too much TV and nowadays There is so much damage in the TV programs that we watch, even with so much beat-up, bloodshed and dirty pictures etc., seeing the beatings, the inner sensation of the people and humanity towards others is ending, so friends we have to watch TV One should look at the same and protect our time, physical health and mental health. 1 hour of exercise (1Hours 0f Exercise) is the second habit that we all should adopt is 1 hour of exercise, we need 1 hour of exercise (yoga) every day. We should do this because there is a flow of blood in our body, the body remains handmade and fit and faces And there is a glow and confidence in you increases, by exercising daily, our health is also fine. 2 liters of water is the third habit that we should adopt to be healthy is 2 liters of water, we get less every day You should drink at least 2 liters of water, in the same way, you should drink 4 liters, but you should drink 2 liters. There are many benefits of drinking water. Drinking water reduces your skin smooth and face junk, eyes are not red, hair is strong and you There is also help in losing weight, your stomach problem also goes away. There is a lot of problem which is overcome by drinking water. There is a very fine line – Water is the life. 3 cups of hot green tea (3 cups of the green tea) We should drink three cups of green tea throughout the day, this keeps us healthy 4 4 Short Mental Breaks 5 Habit we should adopt is 4 small mental breaks, we have four mental tasks four times a day. You should take rest, for example: If you constantly work in front of the computer in the office, then you should take rest from your work for 4 times so that you Do not make you feel tired and you can again do your work with all your heart and make yourself feel healthy. 5 small meals. We should eat a little food 5 times a day so that we do not have any stomach discomfort. Do not be certain that the lifestyle of all of us is such that nowadays we do very little physical work, then it is important that we do not eat our food at one go. Cookie, if we eat more food at one time and keep sitting then our stomach gets out. Will go and we will be surrounded by many more diseases.

6 AM Wake up time should wake up at 6 AM and if possible, friends should watch the sun rise. If you wake up early in the morning, you will feel more energized and By getting up early, you will be able to do a lot of morning work like you can go for a walk in the open air or exercise in the morning. All these things are more beneficial in the morning time. If you go for a walk or exercise in the afternoon, then its Maybe you do not get much benefit from getting up in the morning, your health is fine and it is said that getting up before sunrise increases your mind and for those who study. Also this time is good 7 minutes of laughter. We should be open at least 7 minutes everyday. Laughing cookie makes us healthy.

8 hours of sleep (8 hours of sleep We should sleep at least 8 hours every day Cookie, if you sleep less then your health is affected, your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart problem and even death increases, if you sleep less then you will not be able to focus in your mental balance i.e. anything. . You will not see fresh and you will feel like sleep all the time and there are many problems which are caused by sleeping less, so we should sleep at least 8 hours so that our body can get rest and it can do its work properly by 9 PM day. End of, go to sleep (9 PM End of the Day, Go to Bed) After 9 o’clock in the night no one else tries, you know some of my friends who will be awake till 3 in the night. It has a very bad effect on their health and if you sleep late at night then it is a straight matter that you will not be able to get up early in the morning and then your health will start deteriorating, so we have

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